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Welcome to the world most used and advanced Dragon City Hack Tool 2020. Use our Dragon City Cheat to get unlimited and Free Gems, Gold & Food. You can use the Hack as many times you like and without any risk to lose your account. Our website will protect your account for the full 100%. So stop reading and get your self free dragon city gems & gold with the best Dragon City Hack Tool 2020.

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How to get free gems, with our Dragon City Hack Tool?

Our Dragon City Hack is very easy to use, everyone is able to use it and it is 100% free to use. To make our hack even more easy to use for our customers, we made a quick guide that will explain how to get Free Food, Gems & Gold. To use our Dragon City Hack you follow the steps below!

1. Click on the Button at the website will get you to the next page.

2. Once on the new page, you will need to share our website on Facebook or Google + in order to get dragon gems.

3. Choose the amount Gold, Gems & Food u like to earn from the dragon generator.

4. Wait 5 minutes, restart the Application and whola Free gems will be added to your account.

#NOTE You can always use our gems hack multiple times, you do not need to share or like us on Facebook again, Good luck  And Have Fun in the dragon city game!

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Why Free DragonCworld?

We are nowadays we also get many players who are new to the world of Dragon City. That is why it is important that you know what you can do in the game.

You can ultimately do with the gems, food and other things that you can earn through our website.

at the start of the game, you get to know a wizard named Deus, also known as the master of the city game. This is also the time to buy your first dragon, and he will feed your clothes to wear!

This is an essential part of the game, just like you and me, so we have to eat and wear, and you have to take care of that.

We all know those farm games, such as hay day and Farmville. This is not very different, but most people like it.

Here in the game it is slightly more extensive but the principle remains the same you sow something you wait a while and what you have planted has grown, and you can use it again for something useful.

Of course, I explain the basics of the game here, but there are all missions and goals to achieve, this is not a game review either, this is just meant to give you a quick general explanation of why you would like to use a dragon gems hack.

The answer is simple, no more waiting and advancing faster more unique things that every city gamer wants. So try our dragon city hack now!

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Legit dragon City hacks?

You do not need to worry about your account because we interact with the game Servers and not your city account.

So the game owner’s will not even know that u have some free Gold, Gems or Food.

We also do not store your IP address or something like that.

We just like the game and we like to hack. Our dragon gems Hack runs on high-Quality proxies to protect your account.

As a result, we can guarantee you a 100% safe hacking Experience with our hacks dragon city.

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how many times can you use the tool?

Our generator is an online gems hacker, and we implement new and additional resources like gems, Gold, and food into the game, so there is no limit on it.

In other words, you can use our generator as often as you would like. As far as we are concerned, you throw your entire account full of resources; we don’t care.

As long as you are motivated to follow the simple steps, you can generate resources and add them to your account.

So put this website quickly in your favor so that you can always find dragon-city  when you need new gems or Gold.

What can you do with Dragon City Cheat?

Okay, all nice I hear many readers thinking now, you can get unlimited Gold and gems, but what do I do with those gems, Gold earn by those hacks?

Get Free Gold

What can you do with Gold, well as the first Gold is the means of payment in the game? You can get it through, Collecting from dragons, Selling items dragon or eggs, Winning bonuses, and accepting Gold from friends.

With Gold, you can buy habits for your dragons, or you can purchase buildings like the Coliseum.

But that is not all you can also purchase decoration like a stone path or a simple dragon flag to extend your beautiful account

Get Free Gems

So okay, but what can I do with gems? That is a great question, first of all, gems are very expensive and more popular than Gold, and in the end, with gems, you can also get Gold.

But the main thing you should get for your gems is a new dragon. The dragon in the game is bought with gems, and that is also the business model that the makers made.

They make a massive amount of money with those gems.

So if you generate with our Dragon City hack make sure you generate enough gems for a long time, we suggest you go for 99.999 since that is the most you can produce at one time.

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Update’s & Support for the Dragon City Hacks


Since this new tool are available, we need to keep the tool up-to-date.

You do not need to worry about the update status because when the hack will be outdated the website will go automatic mention that the Hack Server is down.

Furthermore, you can use our tool on iPhone, IPad and all Android systems. Since 2019 you can even use it on PC like Facebook or blue stacks.

There will be no chance log because we are only updating the packets that send the points to your account! So enjoy our 100% Working tool in 2019.

easy to use

Our Generator is easy to use because our gemd generator will explain every step.

Safe to use?

Our high dedicated proxies will protect your account all possible account suspension.

Support all devices

Every device is supported IOS, Android, and PC.

Over 300.000 users

Overall we have had a lot of users, in total 300.000 that used our hack to get gems without any issues

Fast hack dragon city

Within 2 minutes you will have your Free Gems, Food or Gold.

For everyone

Everyone can use our tool sine we updated our current dragon-city generator android version to 1.31.

Best reward tool 2019

We can say with proud that we are the most used dragon gems cheat!

24/7 Support

A lot of hack developers will not a response to customer issue’s, we aren’t like that we respond within 24 hours!

So why not try out tool?

So if you like to have a  boost on your account you should definitely give DragonCWorld a try. This tool can be used on all operations systems and o not require a download. So there are no risks involved in term of virus or malware with our gems tool.

Furthermore, there is also a brand new feature that can boost your account with food! This all makes our tool the best way to get Free Gems on the planet. And let us warn you from for other websites, that provide a similar service because most of them are a scam. They will not give you one gem.

Once you access the generator you need to be fast and within 6hours soon claimed your bonus gems and gold. You level will increase, you can check this in your account. You will start with 0.00 gold, but with our rewards system you can easily get usually over 99999 gems.

So get your with some good dragon city hack tool. Because if you want to have unlimited gems you need to use our Cheats 2019! And get your sell a lot of gold, gems and food with the Dragon city generator 2020.

So we provide:

  • Free Gems
  • Free Gold
  • Free Food
  • Unlimited use
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